someone give Kim Soo Hyun a handshake

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Best decision I ever made. 


How to intercept your own message, Do Min Joon’s style

This wouldve been so helpful in real life lol

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The secret life of Chun Song Yi

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A few days ago we played what will be our last major show until my baby comes galavanting into the world. And what a way to go out! We played the legendary Air Canada Centre in Toronto opening for Paramore, total blast (even 6 months pregs). 

Good friend and smashing photographer Jess Baumung ( came out to shoot some of the memories, and here are a few of the soundcheck, backstage and show shots. 

This is old before, but I wanted to post this again because this scene was super duper cute. No wonder Soo is Cameraman’s fave and that Tae’s cute revenge ♥